Friday, February 22, 2013

Magic Rock Liver Turtle

Onefor day, there to was being an turtle.

Thento he toughted that he was magic sothenfor he done lickeded an rock.

andthenfor his liver felled out to.

I'll draw stuff for you, and it will suck!

Right now, I'm hosting an ICanDrawThat on reddit (Link Below), and I'll draw stuff for you!

I'll post some of the more interesting drawings afterwards. :D

Opposite Juice

Oneforday, Bob wasbeing drinkulating sum joos.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Please tobewelcoming ZACH

Oneforday, there was an Zach.

andthen he did to bejoining our blogh. 

He istobeing classy.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


One therfor tiem somewone declarerd that ouwr bloag should thenfor maek senseto

Thean wefor doneto saed:

And thenfor a meatclever fell onto thems:

Space Potato

Onefor time, thereto was being an space alien. 

And then, potato.

Fixing Our Friends

So, we drew two of our friends. They didn't like it.

So we fixed it. They didn't like it.

And we fixed it again. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Painting Snail

Oneforday, thereto was being an painting.
thenfor bob done poureded soum salts onto the painting.
then the painting done magically shrivelinated
it didso becausefor it was an secretly a snail

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Salty Monster

owen dayie Bob donefor pourded soum salts on thae grounds

Thenfor the salts done transmakinated intofor an salt monster

Andthenfor it done vomitted an cat

Andthenfor the cat done explodinated

Andthenfor it done got lighted on the firez

Lydia and Ellie

Onefor time, thaer were twooh bloggors naiymed Lydia anhd Ellie.

thenfor an meatcleaver felled onto them

For more funstufz, gofor to this blog:

Little Bobby the Onion

Oowne daiy thereto was an boy named Bob.

Andthento he done transforminated into an onyoun.

andthenfor a meatcleaver felled onto Bob.

This is a Sad Peanut Butter

Happy Gerbil

Oawn dayi thereto was being a gerbil.

He didto enjoiy hiz happy wheeul.

Thenfor his owner done pickeded gerbil upto

thenfor he throwd gerbil owt the windoaw and he done deaded.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One daey bobby waez playern werf his blerkert.

Thern it done gone ripered

Super Toaster

One Daey Soopor Toastor wuz flying throughw thea skai

Theaen Mistor fooot caem ouwt ov hiz toastar thing

"I do not appreciates forto these kickings" saied soopor toaster

Thean misotor fooat maed an arem withs a gun forto causing internal bleeding in soopoar toastor.